The brand MASYMAS is a property of CADENAS DE ESTABLECIMIENTOS MAS Y MAS SL which is own by four independent societies between them: 1,2,3 and 4

As such, the brand was born in 1982 and in 1986 is when this four companies, at that time associated in the purchasing center CENTRA, decided to set up a unique international instruction to exploit their points of sale.

Years after, the purchasing center CENTRA became EUROMADI, from where they also manage their own brand: ALTEZA (for food), SELEX (for home), CROWE (cosmetic and personal hygiene) and TANDY (pet care) .

  • 1. Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A. in Asturias and León
  • 2. Juan Fornés Fornés, S.A. in Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Murcia.
  • 3. Sucesores de Pedro Soriano Buforn, S.L. in Alicante and Valencia.
  • 4. Luis Piña, S.A. in Córdoba and Jaén.

1. Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A.

Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A. is a family enterprise, with entirely Asturian capital whose origins date from 1932 when Luis Rodríguez Fernández and Macrina Cuervo Menéndez opened their own grocery store situated in Oviedo. They probably were not conscious in that moment that they were setting up the foundation stones of one of the most important food industry groups, and that 80 years after, their successors would keep on the project. No more and no less, than three generations.

Marca Asturiana de Excelencia en Igualdad

From that first commercial establishment, a traditional grocery store which already stood out for the quality of their products, until nowadays, a long way has been walked until becoming a huge business project which now has more than 1.400 workers, distributed between their 50 sale points in Asturias and León.

Situated in the Silvota industrial state the built-in logistics platform of masymas is found. In its more than 25000 square meters the products that finally will arrive to more than 150000 families are managed, stored and distributed. This installation is the result of an ambitious project, which is used to improve our work methodology, enabling to optimize the time in the distribution chain, what is reflected in a higher quality and fresher products whose purchasers will find in the grocery stores. This effort makes Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A. the distribution company with a state-of-the-art technology, and one of the most advanced of Spain.

All of that being faithful to the philosophy of offering the best quality at the lowest possible price. A way of thinking that has led the enterprise to continue to grow since 1932, keeping an agreement policy in a long term with small and not that small primary producers, helping in this way their own growth while the highest quality in all fresh products is guaranteed, with a deep respect to the processes and traditional methods of rearing and production.

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2. Juán Fornés Fornés S.A.

Juán Fornés Fornés

Juan Fornés S.A. is a family company that operates under the brand of masymas grocery store in all of the Valencian Community territory and in the Murcian Region. Able to compete with the most important international distributors, has achieved its own space in one of the most competitive environments of the market thanks to a growth policy based as much in its own development as in other chains acquisition.

At the beginning it was a food wholesale distributor which covered La Marina district (Alicante) until in 1981 the business is redirected and Fornés' family opens their own grocery store in Pedreguer, its native locality. This corporate turn to the retail trade matches the generational relief and comes with its actual managing director, José Juan Fornés Artigues, who has changed the business until turning it today into the third Valencian chain of grocery stores with 128 own establishments and more than 2.350 workers.

Its store model is a grocery store close to the town centre, while its trade policy is characterized for the variety of its assortment and, mainly, for the expertise in fresh products. It also provides two distribution platforms in Mercavalencia and in Pedreguer (Alicante) which allow the supply of any of their establishments in barely two hours.

In 2014 started a new concept of grocery store for which he created a new ensign: Fornés by masymas. Expressly designed for the most urbanite public, this new concept looks for an answer to the modern way of life in the big cities, where the need of small, daily, fast and agile purchases imposes.

Despite its actual dimension, Juan Fornés S.A. keeps, above all, its character of a family business. And it is precisely this family spirit the one that has favored over his 35 years of life a business management based in the close and personalized customer service which characterizes it so much.

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3. Suc. de Pedro Soriano Buforn S.A.

By the end of the XIX century the antecessors of the actual direction of the business start in Vila Joiosa, the merchandising of salted fish products as a complementary task to the main activity of that time, that was farming.

Suc de Pedro Soriano Buforn

In 1950 the society SUCESORESD DE PEDRO SORIANO BUFORN is constituted, it is dedicated mainly to the wholesale merchandising activity with a strong expansion in 60s and 70s decades and consolidated nowadays one of the main plants of the province of Alicante. In 1972 the actual distribution center was officially inaugurated, which nowadays has more than 8000 m2, and the first Cash&Carry of the district, under the brand name of EUROCASH. In 1978, process of diversification of the business began, opening the first MAS Y MAS grocery store in the city of Alicante.

Nowadays our enterprise manages a total of 56 retail grocery stores under the brand of SUPERMERCADOS MAS Y MAS, and 4 wholesaler self-services under the brand of EUROCASH. All the establishments are placed in different municipalities of the provinces of Valencia and Alicante. Also, the enterprise manages a chain of franchises of proximity stores established in different localities of the province of Alicante, under the brand of TANDY.

4. Luis Piña S.A.

Luis piña S.A, is a distribution company located in Adújar (Jaén). Its beginnings go back to 1969 where its founder, Luis Piña Núñez, installs his first distribution warehouse. Later, in 1974, it opens the doors to the first Cash&Carry of the enterprise under the brand of EuroCash and in 1986 opened the first masymas grocery store.

Luis Piña S.A.

During all his history Luis Piña S.A has been a growing enterprise and at the same time evolving with the tendencies of the distribution warehouse, with a maximum respect philosophy to their customers and suppliers.

Nowadays, Luis Piña, S.A. is composed by more than 1000 workers through a network of 58 "Masymas" grocery stores, 6 "Minymas" grocery stores and 8 "Eurocash" Cash & Carry with a distributor plant with more than 35000 m2.

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