The non-compliance of the current regulations with respect to the Society Information Services Law (LSSICE) Law 34/202 11th of July, we make available to the users the following information: the web page is property of CADENAS DE ESTABLECIMIENTOS MAS Y MAS S.L. (henceforth masymas), with CIF B81523680 and residing in Avenida Concha Espina 8-6°-D Madrid (28036).

Contact and registration information in the Commercial Register are the following: Enrolled in the Commercial Register, general volume 14383, sheet 187, page number M237526.

Masymas makes available to you the contact information previously indicated to solve any doubts related to the contents and information that are presented or disseminated through this web page.

The information that we make available to you, as well as any other kind of relevant information that can be provided and the rest of the current legal regulation, conforms the set of legal information by which this web page ( must be governed and which the enterprise issues to the users and visitors of the web page.

The access to this web page and its contents implies that the user accepts and knows the legal conditions by which must be governed, so the access and use of the services and contects of the web page are done under your own and exclusive responsibility.


Masymas has created the web page

The web page has been developed as a shuttle to rest of the web pages of the group of enterprises that conform Mas y Mas, so the main objective of this web page is to enable the user the chance to choose the web of the group of enterprises that conform masymas which most adapts to their needs.

The group of enterprises Mas y Mas comes with different corporative web pages in function of the enterprises that conform the group, and that correspond to different geographical areas.

Through the choice of the province, the user will be redirected to the web page that correspond to the masymas enterprise with a presence in that province.

This way, the user will be able to access all the specific information and promotions that are carried in each province.

If the user already knows what enterprise acts in the province of interest, will also have the possibility to directly select such option. The information or possible services to provide can be updated, retouch, modified or deleted freely by masymas, being able to introduce new services and functionalities promptly or periodically.

If said changes affect the service presentation terms, use of the web page, privacy policy, etc., will proceed to update the legal information so in every moment the most detailed information about the web page MASYMAS.ES is provided.


The access and browsing are free and does not require any previous registration nowadays.

If in the future any section or service inside the web page that require any previous registration, or any other type of authentication are created, the user will be conveniently informed.

Likewise, the user commits to conduct a licit, responsible and honest browsing and use of our web page and information, contents and services offered in it, so the user commits to:


Do not use our web page to any other end than the ones described in the purpose of the web page, neither to commit illicit acts, illegal, harm the rights of third parties or masymas in general, to commit any kind of act that can impinge against public order, the law or good habits.

Including but not limiting (not exclusive), among these forbidden acts could be found:

  • Use services, information or contents of MASYMAS.ES in a contrary way to the terms of use and regulations included in this web page, even if it does not damage third parties.
  • Use services, information or contents of MASYMAS.ES to obtain an economic benefit, or sell, recruit or carry out specific acts of an economic activity to damage masymas, other enterprises of the group and/or third parties. The legitimate use will also always require of a previous written agreement between the parties involved. It is also forbidden the use of brand metatags, trade names, or distinctive signs of MASYMAS.ES, in web pages own by the user or under their responsibility, as well as it won't be permitted the use of frameworks that reproduce the web page/s without an enterprise authorization, neither reproduce it total or partially, as well as any other act that makes a third party think that there exists some commercial relation with our enterprise when it is not true, benefiting, particularly and/or economically, from the good name of the enterprise. If the web page user, commercial or personal, includes a link to our web page, this will be limited to improve the access tour principal web page, without reproducing images, logotypes or distinctives of masymas. In any case, it will be required the express authorization of masymas, who will indicate the way this kind of link can be carried out. For that, the enterprise will have to contact the customer service phone indicated at the beginning of the clauses.
  • Violate the regulation in terms of intellectual and industrial property with respect to the contents and services of MASYMAS.ES web page.
  • Prevent the access to other users to the contents of the web page, alter its content or appearance, difficult the browsing of third parties or introduce not allowed contents or comments, contraries to the web page terms, the law, the good habits and/or the public order, without impinging masymas and third parties' rights.
  • Carry out actions to damage or alter the services and contents of the web page, its security or protection system, programs, or try to access to the configuration data, administration page or data base, by any means.

    The Organic Law 15/99 of Personal Data Protection indicates that we are facing a personal fact when it identifies or allows that a person can be identified. From that starting point, we understand that the data this web page collects don't allow by its own to identify or make identifiable a person.

    On the other hand, this web page uses analytic cookies, which makes some files to install in your computer with the end of improving our service and analyze web traffic data.

    From that context, it is possible that some data is collected such as the system IP from which the user connects to this web page, this does not make a person identifiable, same happens with the data corresponding to the historical record of visits.

    The only objective of masymas is to redirect you to the closest masymas web page to your home. Similarly, this service allows us to know which geographical areas are more demanded in terms of the enterprise web page use.

    Even so, masymas, following the criterium of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection in different resolutions about this topic, informs you that those data that could be treated by the enterprise which is responsible and that at any one time are under the LOPD would be incorporated to a data file registered in light of AGPD with the propose of ensuring data users rights.

    These rights, denominated A.R.C.O. (access, rectification, cancellation and objection to data handling) can be exerted through a writing to the following direction: CADENAS DE ESTABLECIMIENTO MASY MAS S.L., with CIF B81523680 and domicile in Avenida Concha Espina 8-6° -D Madrid (28036).

    Once the query is received, it is possible that we need your presence to prove your identity and proceed considering your request.

    In the web page different applications are used, and they need a series of cookies, so they work smoothly.

    Cookies are a small file of information sent by a web site and stored in the user browser, so the web site can check the previous activity of the user.

    The so used cookies do not handle personal data, but browsing data, with the objective of knowing the kind and quantity of visits our web page registers. In particular, the kind of cookies that are used and their purpose are the ones following described:

    Cookie: _utma Purpose:Analytics - user Level:Level 2 Expiration:2 years
    Cookie: _utmb Purpose:Analytics - session Level:Level 2 Expiration:30 minutes
    Cookie: _utmc Purpose:Analytics - session status Level:Level 2 Expiration:30 minutes
    Cookie: _utm Purpose:Analytics - origin of the user Level:Level 2 Expiration:6 months
    Cookie:cc_cookie_accept Purpose:Remember the acceptance of the legal notice Level:Level 2 Expiration:1 year
    Cookie:cc_cookie_decline Purpose:Remember the rejection of the legal notice Level:Level 2 Expiration:1 año

    To get a closer look to these cookies, you can see the programmer's own web page:

    Also, we have implemented a tool that allows the user to obtain the necessary information about the cookies that are activated in this web page and decide if the user wants to deactivate them. This application appears in one of the margins of the web page, in visible mode.


    The whole image, design and computing architecture of web page is property of masymas and it is supported by industrial and intellectual property laws, corresponding to it the author and operation corresponding rights.

    Masymas is also the owner of the contained elements of this web page, such as images, sound, video, software, color combinations, structure, etc. MASYMAS brand together with its logotype and variations have been inscribed in the Spanish Office of Patents and Brands, to the protection effects such inscription offers.

    The logotypes, brands, commercial names, etc. which have nothing to do with masymas but appear in the web page (example: product brands in the commercial brochures) are owned by their respective and legitimate holders and have been included with their consent and/or authorization.

    It is allowed to reproduce or transmit the content in the web page only with informative aims, and always with the previous authorization of masymas. In case it is authorized, the person or entity interested is forced to mention in a clear way and in a visible part the source (author's name, origin, web's url). The reproduction or data transfer that have been authorized to disclose can never result in confusion with respect to masymas and the transferor relation.

    Any rights violation of this sections and of the regulation related with the intellectual and industrial property will suppose the execution of the appropriate legal acts in defense of masymas rights and interests.


    Masymas is not responsible of the services provided by third parties related with the web page (creation, use, maintenance, hosting, etc.) neither is responsible of the ones related with other society service providers entities such as enterprises that facilitate the access to internet.

    In that sense, in terms of physical hosting and safeguards the service to provide, masymas, based on the means available, will use the possible technical means to ensure the computer security of the technical supports used by the user in his/her web page surfing. However, you cannot guarantee the absence of virus or other injurious elements, introduced by third parties, which can damage or alter the computer system, electronic documents or files of the users that visit this web site.

    In consequence, masymas will not answer to the liquidated damages that those elements could cause to the user, organizer or third parties.

    In any case, the simplicity of the web page facilitates this risk to be minimum.

    Neither it can be permanently ensured the continuity of the service, since with respect to that problem, masymas only is subjected to one obligation of trying to establish the most indicated means, always based on the means available, and excludes any responsibility to the liquidated damages of all nature that could be caused for the temporal interruption in the access to one of the offered services in the web page.

    In that sense, masymas has hired advanced hosting services of the web with the enterprise ARSYS SL, from which we offer the following data:

    Arsys Internet, S.L., NIF: B-85294916 society of Limited Responsibility formed in Madrid, in 2007, by Public Writing number 1.717, issued by the notary D. Ignacio Martínez-Echevarría y Ortega, from the illustrious School of Madrid, inscribed in the Commercial Register from La Rioja, in the Volume 681, Book 0, Sheet 129, Section 8, Page LO-12326.

    / Chile n° 54, 26007, Logroño (La Rioja), Spain

    Email: //


    Masymas will be able to modify at any time the structure, services, information or appearance of the web page and even cancel and eliminate it.

    The creation of the web page does not answer to a legal obligation with respect to third parties, but it is design as a new tool which will contribute to an added value to our general activity, so we will be able to realize any change, modification or suppression without any previous notification.

    In that sense, the contents and services we offer do not have a defined or preestablished duration, unless those with which we establish a period of agreement (for example, in the case of promotions, contests that can be published in the web page, etc.).

    Similarly, any other change in the use conditions of the web page or in the politics of masymas will be properly indicated and published in the web page, so the user has the information related to the exercise of his/her rights at any time.


    Masymas is a Spanish company resident in Spanish territory, consequently, it is governed to all effects by the current Spanish law in terms of jurisdiction and applicable laws.

    The parts, renouncing his own jurisdiction, submit themselves to the courts of Madrid.